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Pestology was founded by Joseph Walker, a graduate of the University of Florida, and U.S. military reservist. We service the entire North-East Florida area. The staff at Pestology takes pride in specializing in outdoor pest control. Due to this specialized field, we have expert knowledge and extensive tools to improve your outdoor living space. We can provide a detailed plan to ensure the highest curb appeal, while also ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for you and your family.

Our 18 Point Analysis

Our company offers a free 18 point lawn and shrub analysis. This detailed analysis begins with a thorough inspection of your outdoor living spaces, by one of our highly trained Pestologists. During the inspection, we look for hot-spot areas that may be conducive to insect activity and growth.

Once these areas are identified, we eliminate them or implement techniques which limit their ability to propagate. Then, we evaluate the lawn and shrubs for any signs of concern, and give expert knowledge on how they can be improved upon. At the end of the inspection, we will create a plan that works for you. Our plans are effective, cost efficient, and provide you with the great lawn you desire. Here at Pestology, we are so confident of our products and Pestologists that we provide our customers with the “Pestology Guarantee”, on many of our services.

The Pestology Guarantee

Our guarantee ensures that in the event that an issue does arise, we will resolve it quickly and professionally to ensure the customer’s satisfaction at no extra charge. This guarantee gives our customers piece of mind, knowing that their lawn will be well cared for, and protected against anything in our control.

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