Moles in North-East Florida are notoriously known to wreak havoc on homeowners and property managers. These pests can cause severe damage to sidewalks, pavers and driveways, because their tunnels weaken the surfaces that these structures rest on. Moles also create dirt mounds and holes, which can kill plants that are in their way. Subsequently, these damages can cost a home owner or property manager thousands of dollars in repairs.

How does Pestology handle Moles?

Pestology starts with a thorough evaluation of your property to target ‘hot-spots’ where the pests causes a large portion of damage. We check to see if the activity is new, or days old. Once these areas have been targeted, we implement a series of control techniques to eliminate or discourage the moles from causing issues again. Moles often times require repeat visits, as they will avoid areas and move to adjacent properties for extended periods of time only to return again. Because of this, we may recommend a monthly mole treatment to limit the likelihood of having mole issues.