Common Florida Pests

Crab Grass

Crabgrass is one of the most common and troublesome of lawn weeds. Maintaining a healthy, thick turf grass, coupled with timely herbicide applications, will help to solve this weed problem.

Crabgrass is an annual, producing large amounts of seed each year. This seed can remain in the soil and thatch layer for years, and germinate when conditions are favorable. Crabgrass can be identified by its wide, pale green leaves in a flattened, rosette pattern. The seed heads appear as fingers, radiating from a single point on a main stalk. In most areas, crabgrass will turn a noticeable purple color in the fall. In some areas, crabgrass may grow year round.

The best way to avoid a problem with crabgrass is to maintain a thick, healthy lawn. Proper mowing and watering help grow a thick lawn and discourage crabgrass.

Pre-emergence weed controls, applied before crabgrass seed germinates, are helpful in preventing annual grassy weeds.