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Lawn Treatments

Our lawn service provides piece of mind knowing that our certified Pestologist is in charge of keeping your grass beautifully green and thick. Many or our programs offer the Pestology Guarantee.

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Shrub Care

When it comes to protecting
some of your most valuable outdoor investments, Pestology is the name you can trust to provide honest and proven treatments for full, lush shrubs. Learn more!

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Palm & Tree

Our Palm & Tree programs
offer superior results compared to many in the industry. We ensure a plan is properly devised, implemented, and followed, based on your specific needs. Learn more!

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Often times we utilize our lawns as playgrounds for kids and pets. This repeated use can compact the ground, and make it difficult for the grass to properly utilize the nutrients being applied to it.

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Fire Ant

Fire ants can be dangerous,
especially to small children and pets. Their vicious stings are painful and may lead to infection, and in some cases allergic reaction requiring hospitalization.

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Mole Control

Moles in North-East Florida
are notoriously known to wreak havoc on homeowners and property managers. These pests can cause severe damage to sidewalks, pavers and driveways.

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